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The Firewood Store, LLC is open and ready to serve your pickup needs. Our customers have been asking for a store to come pickup small, medium or even large quantities of firewood easily and we heard you. We purchased a 8,000sq ft warehouse and filled it with all kinds of firewood products and related items. Everything is packaged for easy purchasing and transport. We are located above Prineville at 2807 SW High Desert Rd between the Facebook and Apple data centers. We accept cash, check and cards for easy payment. 

For "Pickup" we have indoor stored seasoned firewood available in multiple ways like kindling boxes and giant firewood bundles of hardwood or softwood( 2-3 times as big as store bundle in size and weigh).

Loose split firewood for pickup is available in 1/4 cord increments that you can load and get as many bins as needed to fill your desired quantity. We also have a variety of fire starters and BBQ chip boxes for smoking, grilling and cooking.

Our large log lift bags are a great and convenient way to buy firewood that is loaded for you. Each bag measures approximately 4'x4'x5' full of split firewood, that we load in your truck or trailer saving you the mess and stress. We have bags of doug fir, epic blend, hardwood mix, oak blend and cherry wood available dry stored in our warehouse.

Pickup Pricing Below:

Pine Bag: $130 (about 400-500lbs)

Pine, Doug fir & Juniper Bag: $180 (about 600-800lbs)

Douglas Fir Bag: $180 (about 600-800lbs)

Premium Barkless Doug Fir Bag: $200 (about 600-800lbs)
Epic Blend (doug fir/hardwood mix): $200 (about 800-1100lbs)
Epic Blend Plus(contains even more Hardwood): $230 ( 1000-1200lbs)
All Hardwood Mix: $250 (about 1200-1400lbs)
Madrone Hardwood:$250 (about 1200-1400lbs)
All Oak Hardwood: $250 (about 1200-1400lbs)

Cherry hardwood: $260 (about 1,000lbs)

Kiln Dried Pine and Fir mix on a pallet: $160
1/4 cord bin of split pine: $80
1/4 cord bin of split doug fir: $100
1/4 cord bin of split Oak: $180

1/4 cord bin of split hardwood mix $180

1/4 cord bin of split Hardwood/softwood $160

Giant Pine bundles $10

Giant Doug Fir Bundles $12
Giant bundles of epic blend $15
Giant Hardwood bundles $15
Kindling boxes $5-15
Bbq chip Boxes: $5-15

Firewood bricks $5 per bundle or a Full pallet $350
Energy logs $2 per log

Palletized untreated short lumber: $40-80 (about a 1/2 cord or more per pallet of wood that's great for kindling, bonfires, camping and DIY projects)

We are also adding more products every month, so stop in to see what's new. Call us at 541-408-5067 to setup a pickup today.