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How its made:

The pine Firewood Bricks are simply compressed under high pressure machines, we utilize the natural lignin within wood and the extreme compacting pressure to hold the brick's very solid dense shape.

The Moisture content of the bricks is below 10% thus they burn hotter and cleaner than regular firewood. Each brick produces heat in excess of 8300 BTU's per pound just like hardwood firewood.

One of the reasons these pine bricks also called fuel bricks burn so well, is the fact that they are twice as dense/heavy as normal firewood. 

Another large benefit is that your burning 90% wood( Bricks at 10%.moisture) versus burning 80% wood (20% moisture content traditional seasoned cord wood).

The difference in the moisture content can be as much as 300-500 pounds of moisture your burning through your chimney causing creosote.

Pine firewood bricks heat your home with less wood and less downsides.

This popular firewood alternative eliminates all of the drawbacks to regular firewood and provides a more efficient way to heat your home.

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Advantages Of Bricks 0ver Firewood: 

  • Clean handling, no splitting or chopping 
  • No insects, No dirt, No bark, No mold 
  • 10% moisture content for longer burning
  • Consistently dry and only 2% ash rating
  • Uniform fuel that fits every time 
  • 92% cleaner chimney emissions
  • Stores in 1/2 the space and stacks square
  • Made of 100% pine wood from Oregon
  • No wax, binders, glues  or additives. 
  • Great for Wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits, cooking, pizza ovens and campfires 
  • Used for home heating since the 1980's