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Central Oregon Firewood has a large repeat customer base because we are one of the only full time firewood companies in Central Oregon.

We sell firewood like lodgepole  pine, ponderosa pine or juniper just about year around with the weather and US forest Service permitting of course.

Most Low quality firewood usually comes from part time firewood retailers looking to take advantage of a seasonal market.

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Professional Firewood Delivery Service For Bend,
Redmond, Sunriver, Sisters, Prineville & Beyond

There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. Red fir mix also know as doug fir burns 30-40% hotter than pine and almost as clean. Solid firewood choice.

This very popular firewood is beautiful to look at and even better to burn. We offer it in split or rounds and ready for delivery.​


Pine firewood bricks are a clean burning staple of central Oregon. Pine firewood bricks are easy to start a fire with and produce minimal emissions.

These Pine fuel bricks put out the HIGH BTUS of hardwood at 24,000 BTUS per brick. No binders or glue just pure clean firewood.

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​Juniper Firewood is burned by thousands of families in central Oregon for its High BTU rating and fantastic burning smell.

We deliver juniper firewood in rounds or in split form ready to burn. Since Juniper is large diameter, very knarly and knotty most customers purchase split wood.​

Douglas Fir

Pine Bricks

Hardwood firewood is simply the best firewood you can get. It burns for a very long period of time, and make heating your home easy.  It's also used for good old fashioned BBQ and smoking.

All our hardwood is sold already cut and split. This is a very seasonal specialty product, so our inventory changes often.​​

Our only business is selling solid firewood products, firewood bricks and wood pellets; we put all of our efforts into working with logging companies, the BLM and USFS teamed with some of the best local firewood suppliers in the area to produce the best firewood products possible. Many other companies cannot match the knowledge and experience we have developed over the years in Central Oregon.

We deliver firewood to Bend, Redmond, Tumalo, Sunriver, La Pine, Sisters, Powell Butte, Prineville, Terrebonne and some outer areas. Our minimum order size delivered is anywhere from 1/4 a cord to a maximum of 4 cords delivered at a time. 

All of our firewood comes from some of the best seasoned timber and logging projects in the industry right here in Oregon. The forestry projects and log decks of firewood are carefully selected for species, size and quality to insure only the best firewood is delivered to your door. We do not believe in using random logs with unknown quality to fill our firewood orders. We feel that the only way to guarantee our product is to be hands on with everything. 

Our equipment is essential to producing uniform cut firewood. Only the most modern equipment like Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws are used with constant sharpening for uniform firewood. Since we are humans, the pieces do vary in length but not much and tend to stay close to 16 inch or so as possible.

CentralOregonFirewood.com takes pride in providing proper splitting and uniform lengths which results in the great burning firewood. Firewood that is too large or odd shaped may not dry correctly and may burn incomplete. 

We also carry a full line of pine, juniper, red fir/douglas fir, doug fir wood pellets, ponderosa pine wood pellets, biomass bricks, madrone, mixed hardwoods like maple, oak,  alder for smoking, bbq and cooking.

Hopefully this answers any questions you might have about us but if you have any more we would love to speak with you call us at 541-408-5067