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How To Order Your Firewood With Us

  1. Decide how many cords of wood you need.

  2. Select a convenient date and time (make sure you order early in the year our delivery schedule books up very quickly).

  3. Pay for the order when we deliver your firewood

In additional to what you see here we can also fill many special requests as we often carry specialty woods not listed on the website.

Always feel free to call us to ask any questions, put in a special request or ask what kind of "good stuff" we have in stock.

For those of us that prefer email you can also send a quick request or question to central oregon firewood on our contact us page.

We offer a wide range of fire wood products available for delivery with multiple sizes to fit various needs and budgets. The most common order is 2-5 cords delivered which will last the whole heating season for most families.

However we also smaller amounts like 1 cord (128 cubic feet of firewood) for the more occasional wood burner or someone who does not have the need or the space to store a large quantity of firewood.

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​​Ordering firewood is very easy with us just ask yourself a few quick questions and then select what the best fit is for you. Something to think about when ordering is what type of firewood do you like, were do you want to stack your firewood and how much do you need to maintain more than sufficient heat through the long cold months.

Since your probably going to need firewood anyway you can save time and money each year by beating the fall firewood rush and ordering in the spring and summer time. Spring and summer delivery times are normally very quick so it is easier to get your firewood then and get it stockpiled for the long winter months. 

We offer firewood cut in 16 inch lengths that fits 99% of fireplaces or stoves on the market. If you have special needs just let us know when ordering and for an additional charge we will cut it to your specifications.  A standard full cord of wood measures 128 cubic feet, a 1/2 cord of wood measures 64 cubic feet.

​These measurements can vary greatly depending on the size and shape of were and how the wood is being stacked. For a rough estimate a 1/2 cord will normally fill the bed of a full size pickup truck. In our opinion you always want a little more wood than less because it can always sit and season which will make it burn that much better later.

 Options For Firewood Delivery 

Madrone Hardwood: ONLY 2 CORD LOADS AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY AT THIS TIME weights 8,000lbs equal in heat value to almost 4 cords of split pine...Seasoned & split Hot Burning Madrone hardwood is the best hardwood firewood you can buy. This thin bark hardwood burns extremely clean with high BTUS and lasts all night long. Pricing is $1050 delivered

Oak and Maple Hardwood mix: Long lasting hardwood burns hot and lasts over night. each cord weighs about 4,000lbs. Delivery pricing is all split and seasoned wood. 1/2 cord for $350, 1 cord for $475, 2 cords for $850 or 3 cords for $1200

Pine Firewood Bricks: Firewood bricks provide long lasting heat like hardwood 24,000 BTUs a brick and burn extremely clean. Twice as dry as seasoned firewood, easy to stack, no bugs or dirt and all with zero additives or binders. 1 pallet load equals a Cord or try a smaller sample load. $300 for a pallet or $100 for a sample depending on area.

Pine: A plentiful and good burning softwood here is central Oregon. Admired for its more wood less bark and good long term heat this is great all around performer for the price. $200 for a cord of rounds and $250 for a cord split. Please Note Order Rounds early in the Spring-Fall months...

Juniper: This firewood tends to have a better aroma ignites more quickly due to the bark. Many people love juniper because its a harder wood that burns hot and last for awhile. $250 a cord split or $200 in rounds.
Please Note Order Rounds early in the Spring-Fall months..

Douglas Fir: This white-reddish color wood is great because it burns hotter than most pine firewood by 30 and provides solid long lasting heat. This is a favorite here in Central Oregon.  3 Cord Split & Delivered Dump Load for $900 or a 2 cord load for $650 . We do not sell individual cords of Doug Fir because it has to be hauled over the pass from the valley where it grows. 

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